PSHE aims to help children understand themselves as individuals, build relationships with others and support their development as informed members of society.  The broad areas covered in PSHE are behaviour, healthy life styles, citizenship, drugs education and relationships and sex education.

The children have ‘circle times’ to discuss the issues raised in the lessons.  These provide a safe opportunity for children to express their feelings and grievances and to empathise with the needs of others in their class. In so doing we aim to teach our pupils the skills of tolerance, problem solving and appropriate social interactions.  Other provision for these issues is through the curriculum itself through whole school assembly, stories, class stories and discussions, safety videos, visiting experts (for example, our local police officer school nurse or a charity workers).

The Governors of St. John’s School believe that the teaching of relationships and sex education should be handled sensitively and take into account a child’s level of maturity and the parents’ wishes.  Relationships and Sex Education is part of the curriculum is taught in the context of a loving relationship and the importance of Christian marriage and family life are emphasised.  Parents have the right to withdraw pupils from lessons.  

‘Pupils demonstrate a good understanding of how to recognise different forms of bullying. They receive excellent guidance about e-safety that enables them to identify and resist risks to their welfare when using the internet. For example, pupils in key stage 1 are aware of the dangers of clicking on ‘pop-up’ boxes when playing games online. Pupils understand confidently how school procedures, such as fire drills, and new site security measures work to keep them safe at school.’ Ofsted, June 2017

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