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Collective Worship

At St. John’s Primary School, worship is a central part of each school day. Acts of worship are wholly Christian, with an opportunity for reflection on a variety of aspects of life for all children. As a Church of England school, we provide religious education and daily collective worship for all registered pupils and promote their spiritual, moral and cultural development in accordance with the Law. This school has at its foundation the provision of education in accordance with the teaching and doctrine of the Church of England.

Worship at our school is inclusive, invitational and inspiring. It provides the opportunity for pupils to worship God, to consider spiritual and moral issues and to explore their own beliefs. Worship offers the opportunity, to all pupils and adults to grow spiritually through experiences of prayer, stillness, worship and reflection. It celebrates and acknowledges difference and diversity. We ensure that worship is relevant and helps pupils and adults to make links to today’s world, to encounter the teachings of Jesus and the Bible and to develop their understanding of the Christian belief in the Trinitarian nature of God and its language. It helps to define and reinforce the shared Christian values and ethos of the school community, developing in each individual a growing appreciation of their uniqueness as a part of the God’s creation.

Day                                               Collective Worship

Monday           Whole School Collective Worship (led by the Headteacher)

                         Pathways attend half-termly.

                         Visitors throughout the year e.g. Bridge of Hope Charity,

Tuesday           Mother Mitzi to lead the whole school Collective Worship.


Wednesday     Whole School Singing / Worship Assembly 

                         Click to see Church services  – parents/carers & governors invited to                                                 attend these.

Thursday          Class Collective Worship (led by class teacher & or the children) and                                               termly every class takes the Collective Worship – parents/carers invited to                                       attend

Friday               Whole School Collective Worship and Celebration Assembly-parents/carers                                    & governors invited to attend

View the Gallery below to see some pictures of Church Services that have taken place this year.

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