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The pupils from both Emerald and Diamond Class were encouraged to write their speeches outlining why they were interested in being voted onto the Eco-Committee and what ideas they would bring to this group that would improve our environment, the surrounding community and contribute to raising an awareness of global issues. All pupils presented their speeches in both classes, pupils made notes on post-its of what they liked about each pupil’s speech and then referred back to this information when deciding who the four candidates would be that they each voted for in a secret ballot. The votes were counted by the Head teacher and the winners were announced in the Celebration Assembly at the beginning of the Autumn Term.


Planned activities for this year include the following:

  • Regular litter picks in the surrounding area

  • Continue the campaign to reduce the use of plastic in our school and in our homes

  • Working together to reduce waste in our school and in our homes

  • Encouraging each other, our parents and our wider community to reduce our rubbish by firstly reusing and then recycling

  • Run a variety of events in school that actively encourages pupils, parents and staff to reuse and recycle e.g. making a book character or a scene from a book by reusing different materials, dressing our Easter Egg from reusable materials, using reusable materials in our Art and D&T lessons. 

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