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Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club at St. John’s School is managed and run by school staff so the children are surrounded by a familiar setting and familiar staff, ensuring that the ethos of our before school provision matches that of our school day. Weather permitting, pupils will go outside in the top playground at 8.30am so that they can play games or continue with their activity before lining up at 8.45am.

All children must be pre-booked into Breakfast Club, please leave a message on our answer machine in an emergency situation and we will add your child’s name to the register.

Only in extreme circumstances will a child be accepted without a prior booking.

No child will be admitted to Breakfast club before 8am, if they arrive early, they must wait outside the gate with their adult and never must they be left waiting on their own as this area is not supervised until 8.45am. At no time must a child be dropped off and allowed to walk into Breakfast Club, they must at all times be accompanied by an adult.

Breakfast will be served up until 8.15am so it is important that your child arrives at 8am.

Queries for our Breakfast club should go to:

Mrs. J Flanagan at the school office

Hours of provision and prices:

Time of session

8 – 8.30am

Cost of session

£3.50 (includes breakfast)

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