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Curriculum Overview

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At St. John’s School, teaching and learning is our vision in action, informing and supporting the best classroom practice. We strive to give every child the opportunity to grow and flourish in every lesson taught both within the classroom and outside of the classroom (enrichment and extra-curricular activities). Through our nurturing community, we aim to develop every child’s gifts and to broaden their horizons, providing both support and inspiration to both pupils and parents.

Our core drivers are: reading, writing, maths, building resilience, independence and ambition for all pupils through a variety of learning opportunities for both pupils and parents/carers across all subjects.

We achieve this by ensuring that we are:


Supportive, successful and resilient

Thriving and learning as we build God’s Kingdom 

Justice for everyone 

Organisation of an aspirational curriculum within vertically grouped classes

Healthy mind, body and soul

Nurturing and caring where everyone is valued

Sustainability by being an active global citizen


 Our long term and medium-term curriculum planning is structured to ensure progression of a broad range of knowledge and skills from Nursery to Yr.6. Outcomes in all subjects demonstrate age appropriate opportunities to make links between prior and new learning and apply this in different contexts.


The school has developed a two year curriculum cycle to meet the needs of our vertically grouped classes, which is rich in oracy and developing key skills for real life experience to support all pupils, including our SEND and disadvantaged pupils. Curriculum plans are well structured and set out in a way that builds on prior learning, ensures high expectations and supports teachers’ workload.

Curriculum Overview Maps
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