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Bridge of Hope Charity

For many years now St. John’s School have been working very closely with the Bridge of Hope Charity to make a difference to children’s lives in Uganda. We sponsor two children, Vanessa and Rodgers in Uganda and in doing so ensure that they are well cared for by their house mother and attend full-time education. Through various different forms of fundraising, the school raises enough money to pay for this as well as donating both children a birthday and Christmas gift.


In addition to this, the school sends out donations of second hand school uniform, pencils and books. Members from St. John’s Church visit Uganda on a frequent basis and on their return a presentation of the Bridge of Hope Charity’s work is shared with the pupils. The school also receives regular correspondence on the progress that both Vanessa and Rodgers are making. We are very proud as a school of the difference that we have made to both Vanessa and Rodgers’ lives. The Bridge of Hope Charity is very special to St. John’s School.

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