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School Council

At the beginning of the school year, the Head teacher talks to all pupils about the important role that the School Council play in the school and what is expected from all School Councillors throughout the year. The pupils from both KS1 and KS2 are encouraged to write their speeches outlining why they are interested in being voted onto the School Council and what ideas they would bring to this group that would improve our school and community. They also need to talk about how they would ensure that they are the voice of all pupils in the school and what they would do to make this happen. They are made aware that if they are elected as a School Councillor, that they are role models for behaviour and the rest of the school alongside having high expectations of themselves as well as others.

All pupils present their speech to their class and there is an opportunity for the class to ask them questions before they vote for their representative in a secret ballot. The class teacher counts the votes and the highest two are elected to the School Council. They are then awarded their School Council badge in by the Celebration Assembly at the beginning of the Autumn Term.

Planned activities for this year include the following:

Making posters, collecting and counting money raised for the following charities which the school supports: McMillan Cancer, Poppy Appeal, Jeans for Genes, Christmas Jumper Day, Bridge of Hope, Comic Relief and Catriona’s charity

Supporting events that the Parents’ Association organise e.g. selling raffle tickets, helping on the Friday pop up shop

Supporting school initiatives e.g. promoting healthy eating at break and lunchtime, reducing the use of single use plastic, reducing waste

Supporting at break and lunchtime by reporting any concerns to the senior manager in the playground, helping in Catriona’s Garden with the younger children

Supporting the organisation of a variety of different fundraising events

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