Class Information

At St. John’s we have four classes that the children progress through on their journey through our unique school.  Each class is vertically streamed with two year groups:

Ruby Class – Nursery and Reception
Sapphire Class – Year 1 and Year 2
Diamond Class – Year 3 and Year 4
Emerald Class – Year 5 and Year 6 

Our curriculum is delivered in a two-yearly cycle so that all of our children receive the full teaching of content and progression in the National Curriculum.  Adaptation and differentiation is made where appropriate within lessons to ensure that learning is supported and challenged so that all of our pupils make excellent progress.  

More information on our curriculum content and progression can be found in the ‘Curriculum’ tab on our website.

Click the class name below for more information about each of our classes.


Ruby Class 

Click on the links below to see Ruby Class timetables:

Autumn timetable A.M. 2021 -2022            Autumn timetable P.M. 2021 - 2022

Spring timetable A.M 2021 - 2022              Spring timetable P.M. 2021 - 2022

Summer timetable A.M 2021 - 2022           Summer timetable P.M. 2021 - 2022



Sapphire Class


Resources Booklet click here

Click here to see Sapphire Class timetable


Diamond Class 

Click here to see Diamond Class timetable



Emerald Class

Click here to see the Emerald Class timetable

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