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In the teaching of history, we try to help the children gain an understanding of the past, present and future events that have or will have an impact on the world and themselves.  It should inspire pupils curiosity and fascination about different events and encourage them to want to find out more.

Our children are given opportunities to learn about history through various primary and secondary sources, as well as in practical ways; each class participates in a ‘History off the Page’ day where they are immersed into the period of time they are studying through costumes, food, practical activities and drama.

Throughout their time in primary school we develop their historical skills and knowledge starting with events from their recent past in reception through to a wide range of ancient civilisations and periods of time including people of historical importance.

Our key aim is to enable the children to acquire the necessary skills through a wide range of informative, fun and practical historical experiences which they can build upon at secondary school.

The Romans - Diamond Class
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Florence Nightingale - Sapphire Class
Ancient Greek Workshop - Emerald Class
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