History and Geography

In the teaching of history and geography we try to help the children to gain an understanding of the world in which they live and its past. It should inspire pupils’ curiosity and fascination about the Earth’s key physical and human processes and its’ history.


Throughout their time in primary school, we build on developing their skills and knowledge from Nursery through to Yr.6.  With the youngest children the emphasis will be on their immediate surroundings (the local environment and the local services) and on their recent past.  As the children move through the school they will be encouraged to examine, in increasing depth, many forms of evidence, for example buildings, photographs, records, memories of older generations, museums, maps and books to further deepen their understanding of the world.


Field trips, educational visits to places of interest and special events in school, play an important role in teaching these areas of the curriculum and allow the children to explore a topic in a fun and enjoyable manner. Included on a bi-annual basis is the KS2 day trip to France which is always a fantastic experience for all of the children involved.

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