PE is a very important part of the curriculum and all children complete two hours of PE a week. Activities undertaken during PE lessons include gymnastics, games skills, informal and organised games, dance and athletics.  There are a variety of sports’ clubs on offer, and children also participate in swimming during school time.

In PE, as in every other curriculum area, our aim is to encourage pupils to develop their individual skills to the fullest.  Through PE they can learn to work together co-operatively in a group and, where appropriate, to compete.  They learn that regular exercise is good for their health and enjoyable.  We wish them to experience a wide range of physical activities while at school so that they may be encouraged to continue some sporting activity into adult life. 

Throughout the year, pupils in KS2 participate in a wide variety of competitive sport with other local schools. A Sports Day is held each year during the Summer Term where all pupils from Nursery upwards participate in competitive fun activities. After school activities such as football club, netball, tennis and multi-skills take place weekly. All pupils in KS2 participate in Bike-ability annually and pupils in Yr.2/3 attend weekly swimming lessons for half of the school year.

‘Leaders make effective use of the primary school sports funding. They have focused the use of some of this funding on ensuring that all pupils learn to swim. They also use the funding wisely to ensure that this small school is always represented in local competitive events.’  Ofsted, June 2017

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