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Computing is an ever-growing skill required for modern day society as everything around us becomes more technically advanced. At St John’s, we ensure that computing lessons are planned for and designed around the Computing National Curriculum objectives and we ensure that our teaching is delivered in a way where skills needed for modern-day society are explicit and are easily remembered.


With technology advancing all the time, the importance and significance for online safety also grows. It is vital that all children are aware of Online Safety both in school and at home. Throughout the year we invite a CEOP trained ambassador to deliver Online Safety lessons to all staff and pupils. This is to ensure we as a whole school are kept up to date with current advances and latest trends. Every half-term, there is at least one computing lesson focused on Online Safety to ensure that all pupils are skilled and knowledgeable in this key area. To support Online Safety in school, we have strong and secure strategies in place to ensure that all pupils are protected whilst online regardless of the digital devices this may include our iPads or laptops.


We aim to deliver weekly computing lessons using different platforms. This includes laptops to teach key skills such as typing, saving and printing. We have also recently invested money into class iPads which allow us to deliver the curriculum in a more expansive and versatile way. We also endeavour to link these different platforms to different subject areas to ensure that computing and online safety is taught in a cross-curricular way to facilitate as many National Curriculum objectives as possible. This in turn will help create pupils who are comfortable using digital tools and hopefully prepares them for the modern world.

Medium Term Planning for Year Groups

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