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Parent Reviews

"St. John’s is an extremely supportive and nurturing school. The staff are warm and friendly; having the best interests of the children at heart. 

I have witnessed a number of excellent lessons where the quality of teaching has been particularly high. During lockdown, the teachers provided the children with on-line learning and a varied curriculum. I have been so impressed with their dedication and commitment in such difficult and challenging times.

Both my children have had positive experiences. My daughter, who left this year was well prepared for secondary school. Thanks to St. John’s, she is flourishing in her new school due to her improved confidence and knowledge."

Parent of a Year 5 child and a past pupil

"A lovely warm welcoming school, where you feel safe leaving your child each day. A real family feel where everyone knows your name and your child is not just a number. Our child has a medical condition and selecting the right school for him was a big decision; however, after just a few days it was clear that we had made the right choice. The staff have taken so much care in handling any concerns we have and our child is well looked after and is enjoying the experience of his first year at school. The Head Teacher and Reception class teacher are a real credit to the school and we cannot recommend it enough.."

Parent of a Reception child

My son started his school journey in the Reception Class in September 2020. We had lots of normal worries about starting school and how my son might manage, especially after dealing with a very uncertain year due to the pandemic. Our experience at St Johns so far has been absolutely outstanding. The setting really is very unique, ensuring every individual student and family gets the best support. The new protocols in place run very smoothly, ensuring the students are all relaxed and at ease. He has really settled so well at the school and that is due to the first class teachers, he really enjoys his school and he has learnt so much already. We really are very happy we chose St John’s and are looking forward to the years ahead.

Parent of a Reception child

Both my children started at St John’s Primary school in the nursery class.
St John’s Primary school has a wonderful friendly community spirt.
Being such a small school all the teachers have the time to get to know the children and their families and as a result, everybody feels very welcomed.
My children love attending school and have flourished from the happy nurturing learning environment that the school offers.
I feel they are very well cared for and supported to reach their full potential as they move up the school and progress in their education.

Parent of a Year 4 and a Year 5 child

We moved our children to St John's just over a year ago. The transition was well managed by staff and they have settled in really well. The nurturing environment and the size of the school were key to this. It’s so easy to maintain close contact with all their teachers and the leadership team as you get to see them everyday. The school has also shown great direction during the current crisis, setting up remote learning quickly and developing great support for the children, followed by a clear plan for when they all returned. We would be happy to recommend St John's to anyone.

Parent of a Year 2 and a Year 6 child

The school are very supportive & were fantastic throughout lockdown with the children, with the online learning. 

Parent of a Year 4 child

We love St John’s! We have three children there, so we have experience of every classroom. The staff at St Johns are absolutely amazing, they are warm and dedicated and go far above and beyond the call of duty, in these hard times I am so grateful for the support and care they show to our community, our children are very lucky to have such a warm, nurturing environment in which to flourish. St John’s is a very small school and the real bonus of that is that all the staff will know your child really well, not just the teacher in their classroom,  but Mrs Notley the Head, Laura who cooks the lunches, Mrs Flanagan in the office, Mr Pople who runs amazing after school sports clubs, Father Peter the vicar  - as a collective they will all know your child and if you have a concern, you can speak to someone that same day. Because numbers are small, every single child’s academic achievements count for a large percentage towards the schools overall achievements, I wonder if in a larger school my children might have been allowed to slip behind whereas at St John’s that is absolutely not an option, there is so much individual focus on each child and I’ve seen my children progress in leaps and bounds. I have three very happy children - thank you St John’s!!!

Parent of a Year 1, Year 3 and Year 5 child

Firstly, I like to thank you and all teachers for the ongoing support during this difficult time. I find the school extremely good; 
- the Headteacher is always present and active in listening to any concerns, additionally she gets personally involved and is very professional as well as approachable. I see her every morning and always have a chance to share a word.

- the Class Teacher is in constant contact with us. He supports my child's development by preaching the classwork / homework to her ability as well as giving room for challenge, which she finds very motivating. 
- the staff overall is very helpful and promptly responds to all queries. 
Taking my daughter to St John's school was the best decision we have ever made 

Parent of a Year 2 child

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