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Reception, KS1 and KS2 classes have a daily maths lesson planned in accordance with the National Curriculum. The emphasis is on effective mental and written strategies, enabling the children to be able to calculate proficiently and accurately. Investigative work is included in the lessons to ensure children are ‘thinking outside the box’ and using their key maths skills in real-life situations. As many different practical situations, including the use of IT, are used to progress learning as it is often through this approach to their work that children increase their mathematical understanding.

Mathematical vocabulary is a key component of every maths lesson giving the children the experience and exposure to technical vocabulary to enable them to solve the ‘trickier’ worded problems.


Throughout the year we run a variety of different mathematical workshops for parents and also invite parents into observe a maths lesson so that they can become familiar with the variety of methods that we use and also understand our expectations in maths. Timestables form a key part of the children’s mathematical understanding across the school and is an area where parental support can make a huge difference towards their child’s learning.

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