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Global Neighbours

St. John’s School is fully committed to global citizenship and we are passionate about educating all pupils and the wider community about the importance of active involvement in global citizenship.


We all fully appreciate that God gave us his beautiful world so that we can enjoy it and most importantly look after it. Therefore, it is our duty to instill this in everyone who is part of St. John’s School community.


The school’s collective worship calendar ensures that there is a  reflection on a global issue at least once every half-term and there is always space for leaders to respond to topical global matters. The school is demonstrably ensuring progression in pupils’ understanding of the relationship between biblical teaching and matters of poverty, injustice and exploitation of the natural world across all key stages.


We have also harnessed the expressive arts and English for pupils to express their views and engage wider audiences within and beyond the school especially in Key Stage 2 where pupils participated in a poetry reading with other schools based on the theme of raising  awareness of global issues. Yr.5/6 worked on an art project reusing a variety of different materials in Catriona’s Garden and also all pupils used the same materials to make poppies for the Remembrance Service.

Global topics are interwoven across the school in such subjects as Science, English and Geography. Some examples of these are as follows: in Yr.5/6 the pupils study our changing world and explore the question: are we damaging our world? In KS1, the pupils look at habitats in our changing world and in EYFS they explore how we can look after our world.


In 2019, the school was awarded the Bronze Award and we are now working towards the silver award which involves a committed participation in active global citizenship across several curriculum areas with pupils involved more in making decisions and planning activities using their own initiative.


Global Neighbours accreditation scheme | Christian Aid

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