The Gift - A short story by Vishnu Sanjay

Vishnu wrote this very entertaining story over Half-Term as part of a competition that we are running in Diamond Class.


Simon woke up in the morning feeling refreshed.As he was brushing his teeth he remembered that his dad’s birthday was the next day. “ I will go to the market and buy something nice for dad.” he thought.

He went downstairs and quickly ate his breakfast and he noticed dad had already left for work. He said to mum “I’m going to buy something for dad.” “Ok.” his mum replied. “But be careful and don’t buy anything too expensive!”.

Simon made his way to the market thinking about what he should buy for his dad. He looked at the row of shops still pondering about the gift.He looked through the front display of each shop and till stopped when he saw a beautiful watch. It seemed vaguely familiar but he could not remember where he had seen it before.

He went into the shop as the bell dinged a kindly looking old man, looked up from the counter and said “Hello how may I help you? It’s Simon isn’t it?”

“Yes and good morning sir. How much for the watch on display?” Simon asked.

“40 pounds.” said the shopkeeper

“That’s expensive but I can give you 30.” said Simon. It was then that he remembered that he had forgotten to bring any money in his excitement to buy the gift. “Oh no! I have forgotten to bring any money!” Simon added.

“You can have the watch for £30 and don’t worry I will call your mum and take payment from her over the phone.” replied the shopkeeper. He then called Simon’s mum and took the payment.

“Can I please have it gift wrapped?” asked Simon. “It’s a gift.”

The shopkeeper gift wrapped the watch and handed it over. Simon felt very pleased with himself for buying a nice watch and bargaining down the price.

The next day he woke up early and ran downstairs with the gift in hand. His dad was eating breakfast at the table.

“Happy Birthday Dad!” Simon said in an excited voice. “Here’s a gift I bought for you!”

“Thank you Simon!” said his dad as he proceeded to open the gift.

“I bargained the price down from 40 to 30 pounds” said Simon proudly.

His dad looked at the watch and smiled. “This watch used to belong to me. Did you buy it from the old man in the market?” asked his dad. “I sold it to him a few years ago for 5 pounds.” his dad added.

It was then Simon remembered where he had seen the watch before. On his dad’s wrist! He felt very foolish indeed and the whole family had a good laugh.


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