• dave51814

Mr Stringers maths skills

Now we are over the half way point, Mr Stringer has been putting his Maths skills to the test.

He has calculated how many steps he has walked in the first three days of half-term (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). When he added the three daily step totals together, he discovered that he has walked 105,880 steps (an average of 35,000 a day!!)

He then found out that in the same three days, he walked a total of 77.16km and Mr Stringer was shocked to learn that this is equivalent to 48 miles when rounded up to the nearest whole number!

Interesting fact? "I have walked 105,800 steps, 48 miles and visited 5 different postcodes (EN1, EN2, EN4, N14 and N21), but not once has he left the London borough of Enfield!"


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