The Romans and Julius Caesar

Here are two pieces of work that members of Diamond class, Lucia and George, have completed about the Romans and Julius Caesar

Lucia completed this excellent piece of work on Julius Caesar as part of our work on Romans.

Julius Caesar was a Roman military general and statesman. He was born in July, 100 BC in Suburra, Rome. He was the youngest child of Gaius Julius Caesar and Aurelia Cotta. He was a descendant of the Trojan prince Aeneas. His father died when he was only 16 years old. He got married to Cornelia, daughter of a powerful politician of Rome at the age of 17.

He was elected to consul when he was 40 years old. Consul was the highest-ranking position in the Roman army. Then he became President of the province of Gaul (France). Julius Caesar had enormous political power. He successfully conquered France and twice invaded Britain. He turned the Roman Republic into a more powerful Roman Empire.

He was a dictator and ruled like a king. His face was on many Roman coins.

The month of July was named after him and still today we have the calendar that Julius invented. William Shakespeare wrote plays and stories about him and we still have many roads and buildings that the Romans led by him built.

He was kidnapped by pirates when he was in his mid-20s while crossing the Aegean Sea.

He got married many times. He had a son with the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra

George completed this excellent piece of research work on the Romans. Well done George.

Roman Invasion

· The Romans invaded Britain in AD43.

· Their leader during the invasion was Julius Caesar.

· They invaded to get their hands on Britain’s precious resources like gold, iron bars, money and cattle.

· They fought against the different tribes of Britain called Celts.

· The Celtic tribes had to decide if they should fight back. If they obeyed the Romans they could keep their kingdoms. Some leaders fought back like Queen Boudica of the Iceni tribe. The Roman army heard about her rampage burning down the towns of Colchester and London. They left the war they were fighting in Wales to face her. The Romans were outnumbered but were better trained with better armour and they won against Boudica.

Life in Roman Times

Roman Towns

The Romans built towns often protected by walls with everything a citizen would need inside including houses, shops, meeting spaces, workshops, temples and bathhouses.

Roman Buildings

They introduced lots of new building ideas like concrete, bricks and arches. They also built sewers and aqueducts to carry water to their cities.

The Rich and the Poor

Rich Romans lived in villas with gardens, baths, heating and running water. Poor people lived in overcrowded buildings with no water, heating or toilets.

Roman Education

Most Roman children were educated at home by their parents. School came in the second century where children would learn reading, writing and arithmetic.

Forum – Public square of a Roman city

Settlement – place where people came to live

Baths – Local baths where Romans gathered to keep clean and meet

Latrines – Toilets

Temple – sacred location where a building is places

Villa – Wealthy Romans house

Cement – Roman invented building material

Aqueduct – channel used to transport fresh water to populated areas

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was the leader of ancient Rome famous for being one of the world’s greatest military leaders.

He was well loved by the people of Rome. He transformed Rome from a crumbling republic into a powerful empire. His knowledge and military strategy let him rule the Roman Empire and it greatly prospered.

He was described as a renowned general, politician and scholar.

He was born in 100BC in Rome.

He was kidnapped by pirates in his 20’s crossing the Aegean Sea.

He was the first person to have their face on a Roman coin.

He invaded Britain twice in 55 and 54BC.

He won many battles and gave more land to Rome.

He created the Julian calendar which is the basis of the one we use today. The month of July is named after him.

He was assassinated in 44BC by a group of senators.

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