Cave exploration story

As part of William’s Literacy work he wrote this excellent piece of descriptive writing based on the exploration of a cave. He has also written a story about a Troll.

Well done William

I would have imagined that Mike's mission was to disappear into the murky blue and to explore a shipwreck. Mike enjoyed submerging into the dark irresponsibly as he couldn't do so on the surface because there were restrictions. The lines in the picture were made by the god rays coming down from the heavens. I think mike was delighted as he glided gracefully through the water as he was as he was as elegant as a seal and as strong as a walrus. As Mike climbed throughout the isolated cave he came to a underwater haven for the marine life seeking shelter from the iron giant that is pollution. He was amazed as all the species swam in peace in front of his eyes he wished humans could do the same he didn't believe his eyes he checked his oxygen he wasn't Hallucinating this was REAL! Mike was lowered off his boat and into the abyss and took one last look at the moonlight before he switched his cutting edge torch on and watched as it lit up the dark and mysteries lying in front of him. Mike was alone as he descended into the darkness and mysteries of the cave the only sound was the propulsion from his flippers and the faint whispers of the of the past and the beat of his heart ringing throughout the cave.

I couldn't figure out how to post a picture so i will describe it

I have drawn a man in a blue diving suit coming into the murky water of the cave with a shoal of dark blue fish swimming around a sunken statue of a roman soldier with a hammerhead shark swimming through his legs and on the other side of the page you can see a basking shark swimming out of a deep cavern.

The Troll

The troll scrambled through the town with one thought DESTROY and AVENGE THEM as the humans had killed the trolls ancestors and forgotten the immortals.

I think this troll was a cruel troll as he was destroying this peaceful seaside town for their fallen mothers and fathers' wrongdoing when they did not participate in their ancestors mistakes.

I wouldn’t try and capture the troll as he would cause more casualties than there had to be!

I think the troll had awoken in the middle of a mountain and dug underground until he came to a civilization to destroy.

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