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Catriona's writing

Updated: Jan 12

Every year we come together to celebrate Catriona Fathers by doing what she loved most, writing. This year, we approached this differently and every class teacher chose their own theme. In Ruby class, they focussed on their favourite toy. In Sapphire, they wrote poems. In Diamond, they built on their WWI writing with a diary entry. In Emerald, they focussed on creative writing. As always, it was really difficult to judge as we have lots of very talented writers but Mrs. Notley had the lovely job of announcing the winners in today's assembly.

Ruby class - Ava

Sapphire - Ariah and Zara

Diamond - Mila and Adrian

Emerald - Alicia and Amelia

With the overall winner being announced as Amelia, Year 6.

To celebrate they had an afternoon treat with the Fathers which they all really enjoyed.

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