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In February we visited the school as it reopened for the year. Our new member of the team, who works at St. John’s Primary School in Enfield, had the opportunity to visit all the classes and meet the staff. Her school had not only raised funds for her to join us but are eager to support another project. We were pleased to meet with the BOHCM Head Teacher who confirmed that the school had performed excellently in the P7 leaving exams. Dedicated teachers, good resources and children eager to learn is ensuring the children have every opportunity to receive a good education. For many this reality would have been only a distant dream. Further discussions highlighted how the children benefit from their daily free school meal. Children are no longer malnourished or regularly ill and subsequently their concentration has greatly improved. However, with the rising cost of food, feeding 460 children daily requires substantial resources. Each meal cost 20p per day and every child receives 180 meals per year.

Thank you from Miss Bates -

Thank you to all parents who donated towards my trip to Uganda to support the work Bridge of Hope Charity do. It was an amazing time - I will treasure this experience for many years to come.

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