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Autism Awareness

Last week, Jasper (a student in Diamond) wrote a poem inspired by his experience of Autism in front of the whole school. We were all very moved by Jasper's words and it was the perfect reflection at the end of our celebration assembly.

Please read the poem below:

A Poem for Autism

By Jasper


Sometimes I get lost in my mind,

Please remember to always be kind.


I surprise the world with my hyper focus,

It’s really like some magic hocus pocus.


Autism is actually very cool,

Especially because I’m at a great school.


My family gives me heaps of love,

Supporting me like a warm, cosy glove.


My friendships are full of fun,

So, I’m never just a number 1.


I really am very unique,

Please don’t mistake me for being weak.


Autism is different not less,

I’m showing the universe my very best.

At St. John's, we celebrate our differences and encourage all children within our school, to shine like stars in their own way. We are very proud of Jasper and his achievements and for having the confidence to stand up in front of everyone. Well done!

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