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Tuesday Assemblies

The theme of my regular Tuesday assemblies, I have a different series which runs each term.  The intention is to give the children an experience of worship and prayer and the chance to reflect on Christian themes from a slightly different perspective to that which is offered in the curriculum.

Tuesday collective worship is approximately in the same format as that on other days:

  • The children enter the hall and sit down in silence, with music playing.
  • A candle is lit, with some thoughts about the significance of this.
  • We sing a song – coordinated with the music department.
  • I do a talk: this is always interactive and always includes the use of Power Point, which can be shared with the inspectors if they are interested.   I often organise short dramatic presentations of a theme or story.  I often bring in other visual aids, e.g. Paschal candle, some yeast.  Occasionally I will show a short video clip, e.g. singing ‘Nearer my God to thee’ during the sinking of the Titanic.
  • The children stand for the prayers, which try to take up the theme of the talk.
  • We finish with the Lord’s Prayer.
  • The children leave the hall by class in silence with music playing

At least one member of staff, and normally more than one is always present.

Recent series of themes for these assemblies have been:

  • The Lord’s Prayer line by line
  • Lent, Holy Week and Easter
  • Jesus’s Parables

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