Our Vision, Values & Aims at St. John's Church of England Primary School

Our School Motto

‘Learning through enjoyment’ is our school motto.

At St. John’s Church of England Primary School we aspire to providing a happy, caring and safe school where all our pupils are given every opportunity to reach their full potential. We believe that excellent learning occurs when children feel safe and are having fun. In our school we respect all cultures and originality. We provide inspiration for lifelong learning  where both adults and children are learning new things every day.

Our Vision Statement

'With God's help we will find our gifts, develop our strengths and share them with others'

'We have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us'  Romans 12.6a

At St. John’s Church of England Primary School we believe that everyone is unique and valued by God and has the right to be treated as an individual with different learning and emotional needs. We aspire to be renowned for the excellent quality of teaching and learning in an environment where Christian values underpin all we do. We aspire to be a nurturing and supportive school valuing the importance of all pupils’ emotional development and well-being. At the heart of our school, we value the strengths of all members of our school community. We believe in providing all children with the skills for lifelong learning through engaging children in a rich, challenging curriculum within a shared culture of safety and respect. At St. John’s we believe that all learners are unique individuals who are entitled to realise their full potential.

Our Values

  • To develop confidence and respect 
  • Show determination
  • Create friendships
  • Share in celebration.

Our Aims

We aim to identify and provide for the needs of all children in all aspects of their development.

We aim to provide a stimulating, balanced and enriched curriculum which will encourage and motivate each child to reach his/her full potential.

We aim to develop attitudes of care, concern and respect for others and an understanding of people’s needs and differences.

We aim to seek to develop a partnership with parents/carers through acknowledging the importance of a close, supportive working relationship between home and school.

We have high expectations of our children’s behaviour and aim to help them develop into confident, independent and responsible individuals.

We aim to ensure that the provision in every area of school life is continually developed and improved through reviewing and evaluating our methods and practices.

We aim to promote opportunities for all, irrespective of sex, disability, race, religion or ethnic background.

We aim to teach children about the Christian faith and its relevance in the modern world and to strengthen the links with our church and local community.

To encourage all children to understand and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

We are Vibrant


Our Values

to develop confidence and respect,

show determination,

create friendships,

and share in celebration.

Our Vision

At St John’s we desire that everyone may grow and flourish. Our school is a nurturing community where young people can develop their gifts and broaden their horizons. We seek to do all this within the knowledge and love of God, where the values of His Kingdom guide and inspire us.



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