Father Peter Godden


I take an assembly every week, currently on a Tuesday morning.  The assembly seeks to teach the pupils about an aspect of the Christian faith in a way that directly relates to their day to day lives.

At the start of the assembly, a candle is lit, to remind us of God’s presence with us.

We then may sing a hymn or a worship song.

I then give a talk, which is always interactive and engaging.  It may involve props, or a PowerPoint presentation, and always includes plenty of opportunity for contribution from the children.  The teaching will conclude with some thoughts on how what we have discussed can be taken out into the rest of our day and beyond.
The assembly concludes with some prayers, and finally the Lord’s Prayer.

Recent assembly series have included:

Parables: modern retellings of Jesus’ parables, together with reflections on how they can guide us in our lives.

Preparing for Christmas: assemblies in December which explored the meaning of Advent, the hidden details of the Christmas story, and the significance of Epiphany.

The Lord’s Prayer: a line-by-line exploration of the Lord’s Prayer - what each line means, and why it matters.


I regularly assist during RE classes, to support the teacher and enhance the children’s learning.  One recent series of lessons focussed on Jesus’ miracles.  I would introduce each lesson with a telling of a miracle, sometimes using props, or otherwise involving the children as characters from the story.  I would then be on hand to support the teacher’s explanations of what Christians understand miracles to be and signify, encourage the children in their written work, and answer any questions that the children had.

In Spring 2018, I shall be assisting Sapphire Class with their lessons on Easter Symbols and the true meaning of Easter and Diamond Class with their lessons on Holy Communion and Jesus’ new commandment