School Services

Our new schedule, which started in the academic year 2013/14, school services are linked to particular days and seasons in the Church’s year, as indicated by the table below for the academic year 2019/20.  This has given a far greater sense that school worship follows the Church’s year.  We have also made sure that:

  • Services include activities to engage the children with the theme of the day/season e.g., reading of the church’s roll of honour at Remembrance, burning of sins on Ash Wednesday.
  • There is more careful preparation for school services: this is organised by a Foundation Governor (Roy Tungatt) who helps children prepare prayers, readings and sometimes short sketches.
  • The songs, for which the children are prepared by the music teacher, are appropriate to the day/season.

St John’s School Services Academic Year 2019/2020




Wed 2nd Oct 2018


Harvest Festival Service - in St. John's Church

Wed 13th Nov 2018


Remembrance Service - in St. John's Church

Wed 18th Dec 2018


Carol Service - in St. John's Church

Wed 6th Mar 2019


Ash Wednesday - in St. John's Church

Wed 25th Mar 2020


Easter Concert—Nursery, Reception & Sapphire Class

Wed 1st Apr 2020

2.30pm Easter Concert—Diamond & Emerald Class

Wed 20th May 2020


Ascension Service - in St. John's Church (Years 4-6)

Fri 17th Jul 2020


Leavers' Service - in St. John's Church