School ECO Committee Group

St. John’s School ECO Committee Group: 

'Empowering the next generation'

The aim of the group is to support the local, national and global community through fundraising, raising awareness of issues that need addressing and working together to bring about change.

This group will be made up of elected class members from both Diamond and Emerald class, one member from each year group, elected by the pupils. The Head teacher will lead this group, inviting representation from the Governing Body, St. John’s church, the parents and members of the local community where appropriate to do so. This group will meet twice a half-term and will have a designated notice board outside the school office and a section on the school’s website to inform the community about the group.

The aims of the group are as follows:

To support local, national and global charities through fundraising and raising awareness of the work that these charities are undertaking

To improve the school’s links with the surrounding community so that greater partnership is created

To equip young people with both the understanding of global injustice and the Christian imperative to act on it but also of their capacity as global citizens to bring about change

To participate in the Global Neighbours Scheme organised by Christian Aid which will help St. John’s to express our character in line with the Church of England vision for church education as ‘deeply Christian and serving the common good’.

To teach our pupils that each and everyone has a part to play as a responsible member of our local, national and global community

To help our pupils grow in confidence as agents of change and to develop their leadership skills as they consider the role that they can play in making a difference

To empower our young people to live out our values of confidence, respect, determination and friendship.


Bob Tweedle from Christian Aid gave a talk in assembley on Global Neighbours and is pictured here with the ECO Committee:-