St John's School Teaching & Learning Policies

The School has written teaching and learning policies to support the curriculum and how we approach aspect of school work. These are considered and adopted by the Governing Body and reviewed regularly.

A database of these teaching and learning policies is listed below in PDF format for your information.



Description File Size
Teaching and Learning Policy 592 kB
British Values 337 kB
Calculation Policy Introduction 156 kB
Calculation Policy - Addition 467 kB
Calculation Policy - Subtraction 515 kB
Calculation Policy - Multiplication 391 kB
Calculation Policy - Division 712 kB
Calculation Policy - Mental Maths 746 kB
Grammar Policy 279 kB
Handwriting Policy 1 MB
Homework Policy 132 kB
Marking and Feedback Policy 295 kB
PHSE Policy 163 kB
Reading Policy 197 kB
Phonics Handbook 1 MB
Sex and Relationship Policy 189 kB
Writing Policy 373 kB

We are Vibrant


Our Values

to develop confidence and respect,

show determination,

create friendships,

and share in celebration.

Our Vision

At St John’s we desire that everyone may grow and flourish. Our school is a nurturing community where young people can develop their gifts and broaden their horizons. We seek to do all this within the knowledge and love of God, where the values of His Kingdom guide and inspire us.



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