St John's School Policies & Procedures

The Policies & Procedure documents have been written to support the the day to day requirements of running the School . These are considered and adopted by the Governing Body and reviewed regularly.

A database of the School Policies & Procedures is listed below in PDF format for your information.



Description File Size
Anti Bullying Policy 227 kB
Assessment Policy 252 kB
Assessment Policy Timetable 2016 - 2017 192 kB
Attendance Policy 364 kB
Behaviour Policy 195 kB
Charging Policy 262 kB
Complaints Procedure 339 kB
Fire & Evacuation Policy 108 kB
Health & Safety Policy 196 kB
Intimate Care Policy 367 kB
Library Policy 181 kB
Medical Policy 125 kB
Safer Recruitment Policy 506 kB
Whistleblowing Policy 317 kB

We are Vibrant


Our Priorities

Raise the standard in reading so pupils are able to respond effectively to a range of questions.

Ensure high quality writing for all and improve their spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Raise the standards in pupils' reasoning skills in maths across the school.

Enhance assessment systems to ensure high standards across the school.


Our Vision

"With God’s help we will find our gifts, develop our strengths and share them with others."



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