St John's School Policies & Procedures

The Policies & Procedure documents have been written to support the the day to day requirements of running the School . These are considered and adopted by the Governing Body and reviewed regularly.

A database of the School Policies & Procedures is listed below in PDF format for your information.



Description File Size
Anti-Bullying Policy 555 kB
Assessment Policy 518 kB
Assessment Policy Timetable 192 kB
Attendance Policy 812 kB
Behaviour Policy 487 kB
Charging Policy 637 kB
Complaints Procedure 2 MB
English as and Additional Language Policy 702 kB
Educational Visits Policy 793 kB
Fire Drill Policy 385 kB
Health & Safety Policy 402 kB
Intimate Care Policy 382 kB
Late Collections Policy 539 kB
Library Policy 181 kB
Medical Policy 150 kB
Safer Recruitment Policy 705 kB
Whistleblowing Policy 467 kB

We are Vibrant


Our school values help us...

to grant forgiveness,

to grow in reverence,

to practise endurance, to share compassion,

to work for justice for everyone & to know confidence through Christ.

Our Vision

"At St John’s we want everyone to grow and flourish. Our small school is a nurturing community where we can develop our gifts and broaden our horizons. We seek to do all this within the knowledge and love of God, where the values of His Kingdom guide and inspire us."  - Ephesians 3.16 - 18



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