Term Dates 2017/2018



Autumn  Term 2017

Summer Term 2018

INSET DAY Monday 4 September Starts Monday 16 April
INSET DAY Tuesday 5 September Half Term Mon 28 May - Fri 1 June
Starts  Wednesday 6 September Ends (1.30pm) Friday 20 July
Half Term Mon 23 Oct - Fri 27 Oct Bank Holiday Monday 7 May 2018
Ends (1.30pm) Thursday 21 December    

Spring Term 2018


INSET DAY Friday 5 January    
Starts Monday 8 January    
Half Term Mon 12 Feb - Fri 16 Feb    
Ends (1.30pm) Thurs 29 March    
Please remember that any of the above dates may alter because of changing circumstances. On INSET days the school is closed to pupils

We are Vibrant


Our Priorities

Raise the standard in reading so pupils are able to respond effectively to a range of questions.

Ensure high quality writing for all and improve their spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Raise the standards in pupils' reasoning skills in maths across the school.

Enhance assessment systems to ensure high standards across the school.


Our Vision

"With God’s help we will find our gifts, develop our strengths and share them with others."



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