Friends of St. John's

In other schools, they might call us the "PTA" - basically The Friends are a group of us parents and carers who want to contribute in some way to the schools fund raising efforts.

Tell me more - one of the best ways to find out more about the Friends of St John's is to come along to our monthly get together and have a chat and get to know other parents a the school and find out more through each other. We'll also be keeping you informed via this website, the school newsletter and noticeboards so you will never miss out on anything.

Who are the "Friends" of St. John's

We will be keeping you informed via this website, the school newsletter and the noticeboards.

Chair- Cheryl Browne
Vice Chair - Kerry Bullen
Treasurer - Rachel Anderson,Nicola Bugliari & Maria Karakassis 
Secretary - Anthony Brookwalker

Class Reps (Emerald) - Anthony Brookwalker, Lisa Sheridan-Downes
Class Reps (Diamond) - Nicola Bugliari, Sarah Venn
Class Reps (Sapphire) - Hawazen Al-Ani, Helen Perry, Valeria Eraica-Williams, Rea Coffi
Class Rep (Ruby) -  Rachel Charalambous, Claire Gentle

How can you help?

Firstly, please come along to the events we organise or if it is not possible, please feel free to send a donation in via the school office.

Secondly, put your name down to help or or join the friends committee. We are all working parents and carers with little spare time (if any,,,) and we all help in our own way, and have fun.

Some of us are good at being friendly, so we hand out letters or posters for events at the start or end of the school day to parents in our child's class. Some of us are good at selling, so we help to sell the tickets to parents for our events. Some of us just like to be behind the scenes, so will help set up the event and buy the drinks or other items. Some of us due to other committments aren't always available for these events but might send in donations or help in another way.

We are all different but we can all offer something.

So the question to you is...... what are you good at?

See the noticeboard at the school gate for forthcoming event details and names of who you can chat to and find out more. If you are still not sure but would like to help us out, please let the school office know to pass on the message.

Thank you in advance for your support.

This month we need you to...

Raise money as you shop

Did you know that every time you buy something you could be raising money for The Friends Of St John’s, Enfield?

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