Sapphire 2019- 2020

Sapphire Class Years 1 & 2



Welcome back to this new academic year! We hope that you find the information in this document helpful and reassuring.

We fully appreciate and understand that there is a lot of information in this document, and is a new way of working for all children, especially for those who have recently joined Sapphire Class in Year One. If there is anything in this document that you want to discuss further with a member of our team, then you are more than welcome to pop into school to discuss any concerns/questions. The most appropriate time for this would be at the end of the day. However, if you are unable to talk at the end of school for whatever reason, then you are more than welcome to ring school and talk to a member of office staff to arrange a telephone call or a face-to-face appointment at an alternative time.

We look forward to working with you and your children in what will be a very successful year!


The staffing structure in Sapphire Class this academic year will consist of:

  • Mr Stringer: Class Teacher. Mrs Hargate: Teaching Assistant.

Other adults will be working in Sapphire Class for certain lessons/activities. For example, Miss Chessher and Mrs Notley will be working with us for Phonics. Mr Pople will also be helping us in PE and Guided Reading.


This year, we will continue to use the whole-school behaviour chart system as this proved to be a success last academic year. At the beginning of the day, after break and after lunch, all children will start on green and it is an expectation that the children end the day on green. Alike last year, if your child has spent the entire academic year on green, they will be treated to a ‘special afternoon’ where these children will spend an afternoon in July out of classroom participating in an event. This is to be discussed with and agreed by our school council. Last year, the children had an afternoon playing different games and having a picnic on Mr Harold’s Field. All the children involved thoroughly enjoyed their day last year which was fantastic. A child will move down the chart if they do not follow the classroom/school expectations and if this is the case, they do not move back to green until after break/lunch.

We will be also using our ‘Class Dojo’ reward system to ensure that those children who are getting it right are praised and rewarded in a way where they can physically see. On a Friday, the 2 boys (1 Y1 and 1 Y2) and 2 girls (1 Y1 and 1 Y2) with the most points will receive a special prize from ‘Mr Stringer’s Prize Box.’ For every 10 dojos your child receives, this will then equate to 1 team point which will influence the overall team winners announced in school celebration assembly on a Friday.


All the children have received a blue folder and this will contain their homework. Each week, the children will receive their:

  • Spellings (see spellings section); Maths homework; Literacy or Science or RE or Topic homework

Homework will always be differentiated to ensure that the level of challenge provided will be correct for your child.

All homework will be given to your child on a Friday and will be expected back in school on the following Wednesday. However, if your child finds their homework too easy or too difficult, please inform a member of staff in Sapphire Class and we will ensure adjustments will be made for the following week as we want to ensure we always get the homework correct for each child! If homework cannot be completed for whatever reason, it is important that an adult is informed so we can make necessary adjustments etc.

If your child completes their homework earlier than Wednesday’s deadline, then your child is more than welcome to hand it into the blue box before Wednesday. Please note it is your child’s responsibility to take their homework out their bag and put it in the homework box for marking.

Spellings:  As well as receiving homework on a Friday, your child will also be given a copy of their spellings on this day. Your child will have a full week to look at, write and say each of the words on their spelling list. We will also ensure that we provide your child with the opportunity to also practise their spellings first thing on a morning, every morning. All spellings are based on what is being taught during the course of the week in phonic groups so the children will also visit their spellings during this time. These will be tested on the Thursday where we will then record your child’s score in their reading record. This will then inform us about the necessary spellings to be sent home the next day. This means that spellings are differentiated according to group needs and those who score 10/10 will receive a certificate and a prize! Scores will also be noted in your childs’ reading records.

Times Tables: All children in Year 2 only have received their times tables booklet. The children should practise their allocated multiplication table at least 3 times a week. Like the reading records, these will be checked in school and so the children’s booklet should be signed by a parent/carer. 3 times a week spans from Saturday to Thursday and booklets will be checked for these 3 entries on a Friday. By the end of Year 2, it is a national requirement that children are able to recall the 2, 5 and 10 times table both in chronological order as well as random. We will be testing your child of these in class as the academic year progresses.

Reading: Reading in Key Stage One is so fundamental. Children will be given an allocated reading book and they should read this book every night. Your child’s reading record should then be signed each night by a parent/carer and these will then be signed by Mrs Hargate or myself. Reading books will be changed each Friday. In class, we will be trailing a new ‘reading raffle’ scheme. On a Friday morning, children who have read every night over the course of the week will be automatically entered into a raffle. On a Friday afternoon, we will then choose a raffle ticket out of the hat and the name of the child that the number belongs to will choose a gift out of the prize box! If reading records are not filled in, your child will be expected to spend 5 minutes reading their book during playtime. Again, if reading cannot happen on an evening for whatever reason, please inform us. By the end of Year 2, children need to be fluent in their reading, reading up to 90 words per minute. As well as reading, children in both year groups are expected to be able to recall what has happened at various points in the story, answer comprehension questions about the text and, for Year 2 children, compare one book to another book (similarities/differences). We will be focusing on all these skills during daily guided reading sessions but please also work on these skills at home when reading with your child.

Book Bags: As it is a requirement that reading records are signed each night, these must come into school every day in your child’s book bags. Your child will then carry things home in their bag from school, including books, reading records, times tables books (Year 2 only), homework, letters etc.

Book Reviews: In order to help consolidate your child’s understanding of what they have read, we are introducing a new scheme where the children should complete a book review of what they have read. There will be a book review template for children in Year 1 as well as an adapted one for children in Year 2. This will allow the children to really show what they have understood as it gives the children an opportunity to talk about what they liked, what they didn’t like, what their favourite part was and why. Challenge: for every 3 book reviews your child(ren) completes, they will be eligible to receive a separate prize from the prize box (1 per half term). There will be 1 book review sent home as part of homework every 2 weeks. There is also an opportunity for book reviews to be part of our reading corner display!

P.E: In Sapphire class, we will have 2 P.E lessons a week. These will take place on a Monday and Thursday. However, it would be advisable that the children bring their PE kits to school on Monday and then leave their kits in school for the rest of the week. If your child does not have their PE in school for whatever reason, they will be sent with work to Mrs Notley’s office to complete. Swimming will also start after February half term for Year 2 children and it is a national expectation that they participate.

Any questions please do not hesitate to make an appointment to come and see me.

Mr Stringer

Sapphire Class