Emerald 2019 - 2020

Welcome to our Classroom

Hello and welcome to Emerald class, the oldest class in the school consisting of 29 year 5/6 children.  Our timetable is action packed and full of creativity and challenge, delivered by the class teachers Mr Ezel and Mr Law.  Each child is given extensive support to access the curriculum but is also encouraged to work independently.

Attendance and Punctuality

It is crucial your child is on time in the mornings as we start work straight away.  The gate opens at 8:45am and the children are collected from the playground at 8:50am ready to start their work by 8:55am.  Obviously if your child is absent they may need to catch up on some of the work they have missed at home, especially any writing we may have completed.


PE is on a Tuesday and a Friday afternoon and all children will need their kits, if they don’t have their PE they will spend time completing work with Mrs Notley.

Everybody in Emerald class will take part in running club on a Friday before lunchtime as part of our healthy school’s programme

The clubs for Emerald class are as follows:

Tuesday-Football club with Mr Ezel and Mr Pople (3:00pm-4:00pm)

Wednesday- Netball club with Mr Law and Mr Pople (3:00-4:00pm) 

Thursday- Tennis Club (3:00-4:00pm)


Homework will be given out on a Friday and needs to be handed in no later than Wednesday morning so that it gives me time to mark it.  If a child has any problems with their homework they need to speak to Mr Ezel or Mr Law so that we can sort it out.  During the week there may also be some bits of work that the children need to complete. 


Spellings are given out on a Wednesday for the children to learn for a test on the following Wednesday.  The words they have are a mixture of commonly mis-spelt words in their work, words from the national curriculum, words we will be using this week and spelling patterns/rules.


Ideally all children should know their timestables by the time they come to Emerald class but I know this is not reality.  Timestables books need to be handed in daily so that we can monitor the progress the children are making.  Mr Law wil assess the children periodically.  Children who have already passed their timestables test are required to complete one page of their mental maths book a week and hand it in on Wednesdays. 

Guided Reading

We have three guided reading sessions during the week that run very much like a book club.  The children will all be reading the same book, so that they are able to discuss, share their thoughts and work alongside each other on the text.  Children will be given reading to complete before the next guided reading session and it is essential that your child keeps up to date.  Although your children are now independent it is still important to listen to your child at least twice a week and regularly ask them questions about the text they are reading.  They will sometimes have questions to answer which will be discussed and completed during the session and at home.

Reading Records

Reading records need to be handed in on a daily basis.  Your child needs to comment on something they have read about and also answer any questions they may have been asked.  Could all parents/carers sign the record each evening.

Catch Up Club

All tasks sent home are extremely important to support and consolidate your child’s classroom learning.  Therefore, anybody not completing these tasks and handing them in by the set day will need to attend Catch Up Club on a Thursday lunchtime. 


Key Dates

SATs Week (Year 6) TBA

Manor Adventure 1st - 5th June 2020 

Emerald Class