Diamond 2017 - 2018

Welcome to our Classroom

Welcome to Diamond Class. This is a mixed age class of 27 Year 3 and 4 children. Our class teacher is Mrs Anderson and we are fortunate to have excellent support from Ms Kings.

Please take a look at our curriculum maps to view what we are learning about in all the curriculum areas, during this half term.

Diamond Class routines:

  • Children should be left at the gate each morning and should make their way up to the playground, ready to line up when the whistle is blown.
  • If you have any concerns or questions regarding your child please leave until the end of the day as the mornings are an incredibly busy time of the school day. Any urgent messages can often be dealt with via the office, in a note sent in with your child or with Mrs. Notley at the gate.
  • Children who are late should be taken to the office and signed in. Mrs Flanagan will then bring the children into class. Children will not be allowed to enter the classroom after registration has started, as entering straight through the classroom door disrupts the classroom.
  • At the end of the day the children will be dismissed from their afternoon tables so please ensure you wait outside with any siblings. Please telephone the office with any changes to collection arrangements as children will not be dismissed unless the school has been informed.
  • All uniform items should be clearly labelled with your child’s name, this includes P.E items. PE kits should be left in school at all times, in case of a change of timetable and can be taken home to be washed at the end of the week or at half term. We have running club on a Tuesday so their P.E. kit will be needed as well as Thursday and Friday which are our P.E. days.
  • Children come to school in their tracksuits and trainers on Friday, unless Celebration Assembly in the church is taking place that week.
  • Children should bring a labelled water bottle into school. This must be taken home and washed at the end of each day. (Squash etc is not allowed in class)
  • Children must bring their book bag into school every day unless a trip has been organised. We have limited space in Diamond Class, therefore please discourage any large bags from being brought in!
  • Pencil cases etc. are not permitted as this has proven to cause unnecessary upset for others in the past. Children have all the equipment they need in the classroom. The same applies to toys, games and gadgets which should all be left at home. 
  • All of the children in Diamond Class are expected to take part in Running Club which is every Friday lunchtime.


It is paramount to your child’s learning that your child reads for at least 15 minutes every night and at least once over the weekend. i.e. Saturday/Sunday.  Reading records must be initialled and dated by a parent every night and then brought into school each day. Please ensure you write a brief comment on what the child has read. Eg. I really enjoyed the part when...   

Reading records will be checked daily and children will miss part of their lunchtime on a Thursday in Mrs Notley’s Boot Camp if they have missed a day’s reading or if their reading record has not been signed.

Times Tables:

Alongside reading, the children are expected to practise learning their times tables each night if in Year 4 and at least 3 times per week for Year 3s. Please ensure the book is signed and some feedback would also be very helpful. Children should practise counting forwards and backwards on the times table which they are currently learning. They also need to practise all learnt times tables, in and out of order. It is expected that by the end of Year 4 children should know all of their times tables from 1 – 12 and the corresponding division facts. Eg. 5 x 3 = 15 and 15 divided by 3 is 5.


The children will be given 2 pieces of homework to complete each week. Homework will be given out every Friday and is due back the following Thursday. Presentation of homework is important and the children must complete their homework in pencil and to a high standard. This year, we require all parents or guardians to sign the child’s completed homework before they hand it in.  Additional pieces of homework (handwriting) will be given out as required.  A record of homework will be kept. Homework that is incomplete or late will be unmarked.


Children will be given spellings every Wednesday and will be tested on these the following Wednesday. The spellings will be stuck into a spelling log book which needs to be kept at home (so children can practise their words) and brought back to school for the new spellings on Thursday. The format of spellings in Diamond Class will follow that of last year where the children are encouraged to fold their sheet concertina- style and:

Look – read the spelling and write it

Cover – cover the spelling and write again

Spell – call out the spelling and write it

Check – check their spelling and make any corrections

This can also be done in an exercise book at home.

Children that do not get at least 5 out of 10 or 10 out of 15 on their spellings will have to go to boot camp and write out their spellings for a small amount of their lunch time.

The children also need to practise reading and spelling their word cards in their pouches. Our aim is to test the children on a weekly/fortnightly basis. New words will be added once the children can show they can read and write the word correctly.

A final word:

Please remember, it is not uncommon for children to find the transition from the Infants into the Juniors challenging. It is a huge step for them and the way in which the classroom is run is very different from that of their previous years in school. This is perfectly normal with the aim being that your child gradually becomes more independent as well as confident with being in Key Stage 2. 

As always, myself and the support staff in Diamond class are here to offer our support in making this transition as smooth as possible for all children, so please do come and talk to us with any concerns or if there is anything at all which needs clarifying.

Mrs Anderson


Diamond Class